How Justin Went From $1,25M to $2,800,000 /month in 3 Years

Problem: We started working with Noland's Roofing early 2018. Back then they were buying duplicate & expensive leads from HomeAdvisor ($180 /lead). They had a little success with GoogleAds and spent a small fortune on TV & Radio commercials. Their marketing budget was over $50,000 /month.

Solution: Stop with HomeAdvisor & escape the competition from Google. Instead move over to Facebook & social media marketing using paid advertising campaigns.

Results: Within the first 30 days we reduced the lead cost from $180 using Google to $10 using Facebook. Simultaneously we increased the lead quality. Only generating leads & homeowners that were actively searching for a roofing contractor. Reduced the cost per acquisition with over 75% & scaled the company from $14M ARR 2017 to $33.6M 2020. That's some crazy results!

Greg Noland Testimonial